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Configuring VLAN's on R710's on Ruckus Cloud

New Contributor
Hi All

I am brand new to the Ruckus product. My client purchased 2 x R710's that he would like to install at his site and manage via Ruckus Cloud.

The client is running a Corporate and a Guest VLAN and these are all configured on his Cisco equipment.

Would he require a ZD to add this level of control and functionality on the Ruckus Wireless?

I have noticed that I lose access to the GUI of these devices the moment that they get added to the Ruckus Cloud. I can still get to the logon prompt on SSH but the username and password that I have configured also stops working?

New Contributor
Hello and Welcome to Ruckus Cloud!

Thanks for reaching out to us about your deployment. You can certainly create VLAN IDs for your corporate and guest WLAN. You can do that in the advanced setting of WLAN creation. This the final step, Step 4. In the "Advanced Network Setting", define your VLAN ID to match with your switch settings.

Ruckus Cloud Team


Thank you for your reply.

So I will still configure a trunk port to each R710 as per normal?

Also, why do I lose access to the GUI and does my SSH credentials stop working after the device joins to the cloud?

Yes. Please configure the trunk port to each R710 as normal.

For the second question, cloud managed device is designed to be managed from cloud UI. SSH access to AP CLI is disabled so that configuration remains in sync all the time. This is by design.

Hope that helps.