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Backwards migration - vSCG to ZD

New Contributor II
I've found dozens of posts and even PDFs detailing how to easily migrate APs from a ZD to vSCG, but what about migrating them back to the ZD?  For context, we had migrated the APs to vSCG as a temporary measure while the ZD was sent in for RMA, and now we need to move them back since the property does not pay for vSCG licenses.

In the past, we've always had to remove the DHCP option, then SSH into each AP individually, factory default them, then restart and they would usually reach the ZD; for some reason, if we do not default them, they only sometimes (and rarely) reach the ZD for configuration.  

Is there a way to do this without having to SSH into hundreds of APs manually?  

(Aps are ZF7352 & R500 mixed, the ZD is a ZD1100 with firmware build 212)

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Daniel,

  This might not be so easy...  If the APs have been managed by SZ, they won't join a ZD
even if you set your DHCP to point them correctly (option 43 vs option 60) and factory
default them.  You'll need to access them and upload a Solo AP image (which joins SZ
or ZD), and point them. 

  You might want to use different controller IPs to help do this in batches, instead of trying
to use the same SZ/ZD IP addresses too.  Here are links to your AP solo images:

New Contributor III
@michael Brado 
we execute an migration fro vSCG to ZD firmware with the folllowing commands
fw set host xx.xx.xx.xx
fw set proto ftp
fw set user ftpuser
fw set password xxxxxx
fw set control r700/
fw update 

After the firmware flash we are able to logon but the AP reboots after 30 seconds
set scg disable
set csg ip del
set director ip xx.xx.xx.xx

AP is in Stand-alone mode.

### Reboot Reason In Detail Recently ###
              Reboot Time            UP Time Total Boot Reason
 Wed Aug 16 00:08:10 2017     0 day 00:01:18         89 Monitor: APMgr process not alive
 Wed Aug 16 00:08:10 2017     0 day 00:01:18         90 Monitor: APMgr process not alive

The AP does not want to join the ZD is in the same subnet.

We would like to script this so that we have a rollback scenario if we migrate from vSCG to ZD.

In the support file we found the following info how can we remove this ?

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Hmm, we do not officially support an AP that was ZD or SZ managed, and then factory defaulted for "standalone mode",
customers should load the Solo AP images.

A SmartZone controller can convert ZD managed APs, due to an 'lwapp2scg' utility, but a ZD cannot recognize/convert
a previously SCG managed AP, unless it goes thru the Solo image.

That's creative the way you script the ZD connection info.  Perhaps if you re-flashed the SZ managed APs with a Solo
image, they would join your local ZD.  Here is a link to with both 7352 and R500 firmware.

You can direct APs to a ZD or SZ with DHCP option 43 too, using sub-option 03 for ZD or 06 for SZ controllers.

New Contributor III
Michael Brado thank you for the quick answer. 
We did some extra tests.
On our subnet we do not have DHCP options enabled, when we execute "set factory" after we downgrade to the ZD version (see my previous post), the AP will automatically join the ZD with L2 llwap discovery.