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BUG: Bad character encoding in (UTF8 -> LATIN-1?)

New Contributor III
Ruckus Cloud has a bug in which accent characters typed in any field get saved in non UTF-8 encoding and end up producing gibberish characters.

This completely breaks integration any time non-english localization is involed.
In Quebec for instance, or if someone creates a spanish localized portal and AUP(Acceptable Use Policy)

For example: On our guest wifi network if we use any of Guest wifi options(Captival Portal, Self Sign-in, Managed Guest, etc.) and have a message like "Bienvenue à [business]". Once this message is saved, it gets displayed like this "Bienvenue �� [business]".

This applies to every field. So when we create a bilingual Acceptable Use Policy for the guest wifi, we wont be able to use accent characters at all, which makes french not make sense anymore.

When creating a venue, the address entry fields 'force' auto fill with saved address data from a database you host. The source database has the correct character encoding(UTF-8).'s platform database does not(its using LATIN-1 or something similar. REALLY dangerous).

That means for example that I cant type
"123 Rene-Levesque, Montreal, Quebec"
and click save(as it shouldn't).

Instead, it forces you to select the referenced address with the correct spelling(with accents)
"123 René-Lévesque, Montréal, Québec".
It will only save the venue if I let it 'correct' the spelling.

The result of this misconfiguration is that after hitting 'save' the data gets perpetually displayed as follows:
123 Ren��-L��vesque, Montr��al, Qu��bec

Database character encoding mistakes like this will cause gradual and cascading problems over time that can be literally impossible to fix(or take hundreds of hours of manual correction).

What are the chances we could see this fixed in the near future?

Esteemed Contributor II
Welcome DR,

  Can you please open a ticket with Tech Support, who can use your input to file

a bug with our Engineering?  We're trying to find these examples to fix them, thanks!

New Contributor III
Ticket submitted.