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AP Packet Capture Problem via vSZ 5.0 - ERROR: capture interface must be up

New Contributor II

When tried to capture packets from AP via vSZ5.0 controller, I got error message after clicking the Start button.  Error message "The capture interface must be up" .   How can I bring up "capture interface"?

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Is this Knowledge Base Article helpful? 

New Contributor
Hi Sam,

Please ask this question to the SmartCell Gateway and virtual SmartCell Gateway forum. The Ruckus Cloud forum only covers the Ruckus Cloud WiFi products. Since you have a controller the other forum should be able to assist you.

The article Mike Brado sent you should answer your questions also. If you still need assistance don't hesitate to open a support case here...

New Contributor II

Michael, I get nowhere when click the link.  Can you email the article to me please?  Or what is the title or the articles, maybe I try to google from internet?  Thanks.

Hi Sam, from the Support portal homepage, if you click KNOWLEDGE at the top, it takes you to our Knowledge Base Articles.

Article 2607 is titled:  How do I gather a Wireshark packet capture through Ruckus AP.