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AP Packet Capture Problem via vSZ 5.0 - ERROR: capture interface must be up

New Contributor II

When tried to capture packets from AP via vSZ5.0 controller, I got error message after clicking the Start button.  Error message "The capture interface must be up" .   How can I bring up "capture interface"?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Sam,

In Smartzone 5.0, Depending on where you are attempting to start capture mode, you may need to provide the MAC address of the AP and DataPlane (DP).  If you highlight the AP in question from the Access Point list, hit the "More" drop down and begin the .pcap from there, you should be presented with options for 2.4GHz/5GHz/Wired interface, and whether to save as a local file or stream to a Wireshark endpoint. 

If you are attempting to capture from a radio interface you have turned off (if you've disabled 2.4GHz in your environment for example) it may throw the error you are describing.