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RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it gives IT comprehensive visibility into network operations.
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Hi All,Is ruckus analytics a free product. We don't seem to have it installed. All I am aware of is that we have the ruckus installation for our wireless AP's and nothing else.What I would like to achieve is to get a report of how the AP's are perfor...

czql5v by New Contributor
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PoE has failed

PoE has failed."Confirmed no power to APs on any ports after extended shutdown"

Mahtani by New Contributor
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ruckus 500

HII have a Ruckus 500  I want to reset it because nothing is working anymore.. Everything I am reading says there is a little hole on the bottom and to put a paper clio in the hooe to take the ruckus off the wall.. My rUCKUS HAS NO HOLE ON IT to take...

Laptops getting disconnected

Getting complaints that users are getting disconnected from the network. Cant figure out what is happening. I checked troubleshooting and I see the following. We can never get to the user fast enough to troubleshoot the issue when it is happening.Nov...

premium support

Hello, I am looking for a firmware download for my R850.I would like to download the version of the zoneflex firmware for the R850.Which page should I visit to access premium support?And I am a Japanese female engineer.Sorry if my words ...

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