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Reports: Sessions and Unique Users per month

New Contributor

I work at a public library.  We use Ruckus to manage the wireless traffic.  I'm new to the Reports, so I'm hoping someone can help me do this more quickly.  For reporting our annual stats for a state survey, I need a count of unique sessions per month.  On the Wireless Report, the Overview gives a Total Clients count, but is that unique users or sessions or an average of either?  Under Top APs by Traffic, each AP lists a Clients count - do I add those up instead?  It doesn't seem to match the Total Clients count in the Overview. 

Suggestions for how to do this quickly and easily each month would be appreciated!

Thank you.



Community Admin
Community Admin

Hello @louise42,

Could you confirm if you want to know unique clients or client sessions?

For unique clients, you can go to Report >> Client >> Select the filters as per your requirement and report output will tell you how many total unique clients connected in specified time duration.

For example, if Client1 connected to the network 5 times in different different days, this still counts as a single unique client entry for those 5 days.

May I know exactly what you want to see in the report, monthly how many total clients connected? or Unique clients connected?

Syamantak Omer
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New Contributor

I guess my reply on Thursday didn't post!  

Looking at our requests, I need both unique users monthly and the total session count monthly.  So in your example above, I need to know that Client1 connected (in a report of unique users), but also to count all 5 times they connected (in a report of total sessions).  

If I have to choose, the total sessions would be most important/useful.  

Thank you!