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Is it possible to connect an R650 AP to an R750 AP on another subnet?

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I have a few questions to ask.

>The first question

I'm going to use the R750(1ea) AP as an unleashed controller and attach the R650 AP(10ea).

Five R650s are the same subnet as the R750s, but the other five are different subnets.

Can I still connect all of the R650s to the R750 in this case?

>Second question

If the first question is possible, is it possible to use the R650 as an unleashed controller instead of the R750?

Thank you.





Contributor II

If you configure the R750 as a Dedicated Master then you can add APs which are on different subnets.
A Dedicated Master AP has its WiFi radios disabled though, so your R750 would only perform controller functions.

Unfortunately Dedicated Master is only supported on the R750 and R850.
You can configure an R650 as a Preferred Master, but this won't enable the L3 functionality required to add APs on different subnets.

thank you so much.

If you have a guide document, can you share it?

Sorry if I was a bit rude.