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unicast pps limiting in brocade 6450

New Contributor II
we  have following schema :
Mikrotik CCR -> Brocade 6450 As COre Switches -> others brocade 6450 connect to core switches
we have a problem and thats when some one send unicast flood we can not limit it, in cisco we limit it by storm, and in brocade this cause problem for us,
all of our brocades works in layer 2 and we have no bgp or such things on them and all of our routing are in mikrotik ccr,
can any one help us with limit unicast on this brocade 6450?
we uyse latest firmware,
and i also tried following configs for my ports but they did not work,

interface ethernet 1/1/8
 port-name XXXXXXX
 rate-limit input fixed 299758
 spanning-tree 802-1w admin-edge-port
 broadcast limit 8192
 multicast limit
 unknown-unicast limit