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icx7250 won't stack I get a "stack port e 1/2/1 has 1g speed-duplex settings" error

New Contributor II

We have a Brocade ICX7250 that will not stack. We atleast 40 sites with the same stack configuration. So this isn't a new setup for us.

When we do the 'stack enable' we receive the error: “stack port e 1/2/1 has 1g speed-duplex settings”.  With stack cables you don't need the license for 10G for stacking.  Stacking cables are connected via the standard, 1/2/1 to 1/2/3 to the second switch, and vice-versa for the return to complete the stack circle.

Is this a known issue with a fix for it?

Thanks. Steve.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Stave,
Hope you are doing Great!!!

The stack ports are 10 GBPS ports.  Yes we need license for these ports, from the stacking guide:

ICX 7250 stacking topologies

Up to 12 ICX 7250-24, ICX 7250-24P, ICX 7250-48, or ICX 7250-48P units can be connected in a linear or ring topology. Any of these models can be mixed in the same stack. Stacking ports are located on the front panel as shown in the following figures. NOTE
The ICX 7250-24G is not stackable.

From one to four 10-Gbps ports (from eight available 10-Gbps ports) can be used for stacking on the ICX 7250. All stacking ports must have an active license installed to be properly configured. Active stacking ports can be configured in one of two sets of ports on the front panel; however, stacking ports cannot be mixed between the two sets of ports because of operational constraints. Available ports are numbered 1/2/1 through 1/2/8 as shown in the following figure.

Hope this helps.


I see that it says: "All stacking ports must have an active license installed to be properly configured."

Every ICX7250, We've probably build at least 80, not 40, stacks, so that is 160-ish ICX7250's we have used.  Out of the box we have never had to install a license to stack. 

Are there pre-installed licenses for stacking? If not why did 160 work great. We buy them in groups of normally 10 with stacking cables.

Hope you can see my confusion. Steve.

Hi Stave,
I see your point.

Please provide output of show license from the working and non working stack.

Where did you purchase the ICXs from did they provide you with licenses?


I will be working with a system engineer later today that will have access to the device and was going to do the show license installed, and will post.

All our ICX7250's are from CDW and still in the box from Brocade. We have NEVER installed a license on any of the 160-ish.