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We lost power and stack rebooted into Layer 3 mode. How to revert to layer 2 and retain configs?

New Contributor
Good day,

We lost power to our switching rack several days ago and our UPS batteries also depleted, so all the switches rebooted when the power came back on.  To my surprise they came back up in layer 3 mode, and I can no longer access the GUI or CLI without using the console cable.  We are only using Layer 2 functionality.  The code on these switches is very different than what I'm used to!

A couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to reboot the stack back into Layer 2 mode, retaining all the configs, plus set the switches so that they come back in layer 2 mode if another power failure occurs?

2) If there is any danger in losing the configs with the above, how can I assign an IP to the switch just for management while it is in layer 3 mode?  I've tried several commands, but they don't seem to work or are not valid in this configuration.

Thank you.

New Contributor III
Possibly it restarted after a power failure with a wrong image (secondary or primary, depending on how it is)

If you still have the image on each partition (Router or Switch) you may be able to run it, just set "boot system flash secondary"

Can help these commands

ICX7150-C12 Switch# show flash
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show version
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show boot-preference

ICX7150-C12 Switch# boot system flash secondary yes

ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# boot system flash secondary
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# write memory
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show flash
ICX7150-C12 Switch# copy flash flash secondary
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show flash

# Create interface IP (MODE FIRMWARE SWITCH - SPS08080b)
ICX7150-C12 Switch# ip address
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show ip

New Contributor III
I forgot a part above:

# Create interface IP (MODE FIRMWARE SWITCH - SPS08080b)
ICX7150-C12 Switch# ip address
ICX7150-C12 Switch# show ip
ICX7150-C12 Switch# ip default-gateway

# Create interface vlan IP (MODE FIRMWARE ROUTER - SPR08061b)
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# vlan 1
ICX7150-C12 Router(config-vlan-1)# router-interface ve1
ICX7150-C12 Router(config-vlan-1)# exit
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# interface ve1
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config-vif-1)# ip address
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config-vif-1)# exit
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# ip route
ICX7150-C12 Switch(config)# show ip interface

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Bruce,

Well, Its difficult to say what went wrong during the outage without looking into the switch, Pls open a tac case if you can to review the existing config and set the boot preferences accordingly.