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VSRP in switch ICX7150-C12P

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I'm configuring VSRP in two switches with licenses l3 validated, I want to make a virtual IP address for gateway to make redundance. I have followed in part the help here :

But I cant enter the command router vsrp...

Please Help !



RUCKUS Team Member


You are currently running layer 2 code or layer 3 in the switch? Also, according to the guide, if you already have VSRP there is no need to re-enable it, what version are you using? You can enable VSRP per vlan in 8060 version but the form and instructions are different per version:

  1. Optionally, globally enable the VSRP protocol.
    This is required only if VSRP was disabled earlier and you want to re-enable it.


I'm running layer 3 I think because I have this license :  Current License: 2X10GR

Version :  SW: Version 08.0.95fT211

But you did'nt understand what I need. I want to program a virtual IP but I can't.......



I think the question is, can I configure VSRP whith IP in a ICX 7150-c12p Switch ?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ayoubinho, 

If I understood correctly here is the process that you need to follow:

If you are configuring a Layer 3 switch for VSRP, you can specify an IP address to back up. When you specify an IP address, VSRP provides redundancy for the address. This is useful if you want to back up the gateway address used by hosts attached to the VSRP backups. VSRP does not require you to specify an IP address. If you do not specify an IP address, VSRP provides Layer 2 redundancy. If you do specify an IP address, VSRP provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy.

The VRID IP address must be in the same subnet as a real IP address configured on the VSRP interface, but cannot be the same as a real IP address configured on the interface.

Failover applies to both Layer 2 and Layer 3.

The no form of the command removes the configured backup IP address.