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Switch Stacking

New Contributor

I configured two switches (ICX7150-24) in my smartzone 144 via putty. From both switches, i can ping the smartzone, but not the other switch, even though they are connected with a DAC cable and a LWL cable.

How can I ping one switch from the other? I would be happy to recieve some manuals or guides in order to configure them.

Kind regards


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Vivienne

Thank you for using the forum. 

The switches are part of a stack or they are standalone?
If they are on standalone both switches need an IP address in the same subnet so they can reach each other and also need to have the VLAN tagged, can you please share a show run for both devices so we can further assist you? Also, please share a show ip route or show ip from each device.

Best Regards,

Ayleth Alvarez | Sr Technical Support Engineer | TAC Wired