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SSH unattended commands & ssh certificate login

New Contributor II

I figured how to send commands to an ICX switch directly from the SSH command. Like so from Powershell on a Windows System:

"conf t
enable acl-per-port-per-vlan" | ssh user@switch

However I don't get any output from the switch, so I can't see the results of any of the commands. Has anyone figured how to get the output?

Also I started importing client public keys for passwordless logins to the switches and it works perfectly but I have some questions:

ip ssh pub-key-file tftp x.x.x.x filename.txt import new certificates rather than overwriting the whole list. How can I see the current certificate list in the switch?

Also the certificate-based login is not tied to a login or username. How can I know which certificate granted the access in the system log?