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Ruckus branded software on Brocade branded ICX 7xxx hardware?

New Contributor II

It's such a long story about why, but I have a pair or Brocade ICX 7450-24 switches that were never deployed that I'm just rolling out now. I'd love to update the firmware first, but it appears Ruckus has taken over Brocade. Show version provides, among other things:  SW: Version 08.0.20T213. So that number seems like the software version, and it appears to be a few minor versions behind 2021 versions.

Question is: does anyone know if Ruckus branded software images are compatible with Brocade branded hardware?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Justin,

I am not sure about old hardware that is why i am saying to go with 8030u.

But if you want to upgrade and can certainly try it.

8030 to 8080e non-UFI to 89090j UFI.

Hope this helps.



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New Contributor II

OK, excellent. Thanks to everyone who contributed these excellent thoughts.

It's all very encouraging, not just for this small project, but also for a larger rollout of APs, core and campus switching that I have on the slate for 2021. Ruckus is on my short list to replace an assorted motley crew of other equipment, so it's a good sign that there's a vibrant community of end users and staff who are willing to help out. And that the product models and support seem to be stable over time.

Dale - RDKB IT.

Valued Contributor

Hi Dale,

Great to hear you're involved in projects to replace old equipment and are looking at Ruckus to provide new and improved solutions.

I would highly recommend you contact a local Ruckus partner as they can offer you great service and support and also loop you in directly with the Systems Engineering team within Ruckus itself (of which, I'm a proud member).  A Ruckus SE's focus is to help our partners and their customers to fully understand the features and benefits of the Ruckus product-range and eco-system and how we can help you win even more business!

Here's the Ruckus partner locator:

All the best,