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New Contributor II
Hello guys, 

First of all, i would appreciate any workaround that anyone could give me. I have a large Switch network for a LAN of a univerisity campus here. This network is mixed with switchs HP for the distribution layer and ICX7150 for the access layer, that provides ethernet connection for several Ruckus Access point. 

Since day one, we introduce the ICX switchs to the network and configure the APs we have seen that there is an issue regarding the randomly disconnection of the APs, at first, we thought would be the AP configuration or the SZ100 controller. Eventually we discover that the issue could be some sort of problem with the switches, we tried to look up for any kind of trouble and we discovered that maybe could be a RSTP or STP error or phenomenon that could led to randomly switching on and off the ethernet ports, provoking that the APs disconect form the network and get a poorly wifi experiance

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478eb146_8ed27fdc26b235604ada4246655c6d9b_RackMultipart2018100556573v39m-9b0e773f-002b-4326-80fb-d0cb90caf935-347655106.jpg1538758486

We suspect that this could be, and connect the APs directly to the HP distribution switches, and now the building where they are, is steady as should be. 

But it could be certanily another thing. 

What do you think guys?

thanks a lot!

Contributor III
Maybe it is nothing more than a power problem.  Causing the AP to continue to reboot and go through spanning tree again and again.

What firmware are you running on the 7150's???

I ask because with 08.0.70 builds, it auto installs the latest PoE+ firmware, too.

Additionally, do you have the proper network discovery protocol at the edge to detect the APs?

Are you using plain "inline power" (on be default in newer builds) or are you specifically putting the class?

Personally, I would upgrade to a recent build of the FastIron /IronWare OS ensuring you are running 2.1.0 Build 002 or later, and that you at least have lldp turned on with lldp run.

I would try plain, vanilla "inline power" without extra arguments, so the device should get whatever it asks for.

^^^^^^^^^^^^  This is what I would do first.

Thanks man, i'll give it a try!

Contributor III
P.S.  This is what I am currently running though we intend to upgrade to the 08.0.80 branch soon.  If you stick with the 08070 series, I am certain they have at least "C" out by now... and that would be more desirable than "B"

    UNIT 1: compiled on Apr  3 2018 at 15:27:41 labeled as SPS08070b
      (25605164 bytes) from Primary SPS08070b.bin
        SW: Version 08.0.70bT211
      Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 786944, Version:10.1.11T225 (mnz10111)

RUCKUS Team Member
Please look at the syslogs prior to the problem for any potential trigger.