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Problem with ICX6610 SSH connexion

New Contributor II

Hello, I have a ICX6610 configured with SSH.  Everything works fine since last week.  Unable to connect with our account via Tacacs+ server.   Only the local account works.  All my others switches are OK and works fine.  So it's not the tacacs server.  And if I look into the logs of tacacs server, i did'nt see the request.  It's like as if the resquest is not send to the server.

SSH is configured like that:

aaa authentication login default tacacs+ local

tacacs-server host xx.xx.xx.xx

crypto key gen rsa

I zeroize the crypto key, same problem.  I remove aaa authentication and put it back, same problem.  I reboot, same problem.  Remove and put back tacacs-server address, same problem.

Any idea?

Thank you


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi ala_ma

Please check tacacs server and compare the other working switch info.

I would recommend you open up a ticket with the TAC to troubleshoot this issue.

We need to find why the request is not making it to TACACS from this switch.