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PCs under VLAN can't reach internet but SW can

New Contributor III
I'm in a phase where all vlans work correctly and I'm trying to use the uplink ports to reach my router.

Here are the relevant parts of my current config:

lag ge static id
ports ethe 1/2/1 to 1/2/2

vlan 30 name users
untagged ethe 1/1/1 to 1/1/12
router-interface ve 30

vlan 200 name phones
tagged ethe 1/1/1 to 1/1/12
router-interface ve 200

ip route

interface lag 1
ip address

interface ve 30
ip address

interface ve 200
ip address

From the switch i'm able to ping the gateway and also internet but not from the pcs or phones.

Any ideas? Also, how can I debug routing as it happens?

Thank you!

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Fernando,

I have some question.
1. Can PCs ping its gateway
2. Can PCs ping router IP

If 1 = Yes and 2 = No, please check your routing on the router.
Thank you

Thank you for your response. Router has a IP.

It's firewall allow any to any. What exactly should I check?



Created routes back to the switch from the gw and everything worked perfectly.

Thank you!