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My dumb arse erased primary and secondary firmware on ICX7150 now I am stuck at boot.

New Contributor

Now I am stuck at Boot and that's it. (my plan was to upgrade it from it's ancient 2018 to the current 9 version but alas I guess I've missed a step)

What are my next steps? 🙂 



Hi @dariusz_basiaga 

Hope you are doing well 

Is quite simple to recover the Unit from boot mode:

The first step is to connect an ethernet to the ICX management port and assign an IP on the PC that is of the same range that we are going to configure in the commands below.

Then console the unit and follow the below parameters 

  • setenv serverip [IP Address]   >>>  IP address of TFTP server
  • setenv ipaddr [IP Address]  ?>> IP address assigned to switch
  • setenv netmask [Netmask x.x.x.x]
  • setenv gatewayip [Default gateway]
  • setenv uboot [Boot image.bin]
  • setenv image_name [Image Name.bin]

Display the Boot Settings

  • printenv

Uploading Bootrom

  • update_uboot


Uploading Firmware

  • update_primary      >>> Updates primary firmware bank
  • update_secondary  >>> Updates secondary firmware bank

Here is the data that shows this process (software recovery from boot mode)

Here is a video link that shows this process:

I hope this information can be useful for you