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ICX7150 With 8.0.95: Multiple SSH fails

New Contributor

Upgraded our ICX7150 Switch from 8.0.90 version to 8.0.95 version and found out there are issues with SSH connection. Multiple SSH connections from the same PC can not be supported. Old version does not have such issue though and other switches in OS 08.0.90 version work fine .

If I opened a SSH connection from a Windows Power Shell console, then another SSH connection in another Windows Power Shell console fails with "Connection Closed by remote host".

Do you see such issue?



New Contributor

Hello, Anyone else experience issues while SSH'd into the device with this version?

After the upgrade I noticed while SSH'd into the device CLI commands some times pause for a few secs. Its like a delay in responding to my input. I installed the image on both primary and secondary flashes. Rebooted twice and I also zeroized the crypto keys for SSH and regenerated them.


Is this a known issue with this version?


No known issue like this to my knowledge. What patch of 8095 are you on? Sluggish behavior on the CLI is often due to CPU spikes (show cpu during issue) or issues in the data path. I would recommend opening a support case (see my signature) to get proper help on something like this.


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Hello Ben,

You might be right, I was having the issue after a few mins after it had been rebooted. Now that i waited close to 8hrs it seems to be fine. Strange, but I do remember seeing CPU very low 3-5% when I checked during the issue. Maybe I caught it when it dipped down.

One more question. I don't have to worry about the POE firmware when upgrading right? I think that is all bundled together since ver 8.0.7 ?

That is correct. POE firmware is bundled into the single UFI image. If a poe firmware upgrade is needed, it will happen automatically. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer