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ICX7150-C12-Switch admin username and password

New Contributor

Hi, I am 100% new to this and don't know much so bare with me. 

On the unleashed dashboard it shows I can add my switch to it. ive also noticed I needed to upgrade my firmware to 08.0.90 or later. "was running 08.0.80(something).

I upgraded the boot and firmware to 08.0.90d, (UFI). I have check and confirmed the update is running on the switch after the reboot. I have also reset the switch to factory default as recommended by the ruckus. The Dashboard now finds the switch but says "pending" when I click on it it shows "The credential is not default, please provide correct admin username & password to try again." My question is how do I set/edit or find this? Please remember I am new to this I can SSH or serial into the switch but don't know much on how to navigate. "been using guides to do everything."  I want to be able to add the switch to the unleashed web interface.

I looked online and found default is

username: super

password: sp-admin

This didn't work. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Joshua,

Pls watch a short video on Ruckus Unleashed ICX switch management and monitoring using Browser UI, It seems like the Auto approval is disabled so you must manually approve each switch join request.

Here is another document for reference.


@jijo_panangat Auto Approval is enabled.

I have reset the switch but not sure why its not the default Admin username and password. and I have no idea how to change it. 

Pls note If the Unleashed login name and password are changed via the web interface, the new login will be synched to any connected switches that registered with Unleashed in factory default state. Connected switches that registered as non-factory default switches will remain unchanged and will require the user to manually approve them and enter the new user name and password. 

New Contributor

does anyone know the default ip address to login to the switch via the ethernet?