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ICX 6450 PoE Allocation Issue

New Contributor
I have two ICX 6450 24P switches at my garage. They run PoE for VoIP, Access Control and Cameras. I had a report that the cameras were no longer working. When I looked at the Inline Power the first time it showed various Power Issues so I rebooted the switch. After they came back up it showed that ports 1/1/2-1/1/13 were receiving 30000 mWatts and nothing else was available for allocation. The phones were still working but the cameras (1/1/19 - 1/1/22) were not. I then did a firmware update on them and now I show 0 Consumed or Allocated on both switches. Again, phones working, cameras not. Currently, I have injectors for the cameras and they are fine. Just not sure why I am getting the errors.

Are they using lldp for negotiation or anything? You would need 'lldp run' in the config to negotiate power that way. Otherwise you could set the power by class or manually.


interface eth 1/1/1 to 1/1/24
inline power power-by-class 3
inline power power-limit 15400

There are more details in the command reference guide and admin guide. Also, out of curiosity, what is make/model of the cameras? 
Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

(apologies to folks for reviving an ancient thread)

@BenBeck - I recently replaced a Ubiquiti ES-24-250W with a "new to me" ICX 6450-24P, and suddenly my attached Netgear GS105PE (5-port Class 4 PoE-powered) switches started intermittently falling off the network.

Dropping the manual "power-limit" / "power-by-class", followed by adding "lldp run" to the global configuration on the ICX 6450-24P solved the problem - all five of my GS105PEs are acting normally again.