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How to configure QinQ

New Contributor


We have two offices

These offices are connected to each other via the provider vlan(s) (101 and 102)

Office1 has a VLAN (103) that needs to be forwarded to Office2 through the ISP network.

How to implement?

ICX 7450


PC1 ---- ICX1(office1) ---- valn101 ----- ISP ---- vlan102 ---- ICX2(office2) ----- PC2


                  +------ vlan103



my advise would be to revise your architecture so you aren't dependent on vlans, but that's easier said then done. while they exist valid reasons for extending vlans between offices are uncommon.

now to the more helpful part.

and this starts with bad news: i only checked docs for 10.0.10 (since i haven't used anything older & the differences with 08.0.95 are major), but neither of the options support your 7450.  a quick glance at 08.0.95 lists the icx 7450 for 802.1ad but no vxlan

most obvious options would be:

these options come with significant limitations, complexity & overhead. i would suggest you seek professional advise before considering them.

since you didn't actually give a reason for your need i will also note that perhaps your issue can be solved with an udp helper instead:

thats all i can add, perhaps someone who's better versed in 08.0.95 can add some other alternatives.