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Help with ICX 7150s and stp deployment

New Contributor III

Hey guys. I'm about to replace our current network switches (HPs) with brocade icx 7150 and I need your help.

Here is my scenario:

ICX 6430-48 (stack): this is the core or distribution switch (this is going to stay in place until I replace the access switches)

Port 2/1/33 is tagged in all vlans (2,3,5,7). (This goes to one of the new ICX 7150)

I configured port 1/1/24 on the new ICX 7150 as a tagged port on vlans 3,5,7,10 and untagged on vlan2. When I connected the cable port 2/1/33 on the 6430 changed its status to Blocking. I set spanning-tree 802-1w for all vlans on the icx 7150.

I believe I'm missing something in the stp configuration. I will be connecting more 7150s to the 6430, and the 7150's will connect to other 7150s so I have to make sure I understand how this work before replacing the other switches. I read something about spanning-tree 802-1w admin-p2pt-mac but I'm not sure if that is what I need.

Thanks in advance.


New Contributor III

Thanks everybody. I found the problem, the link between the core switch and the new icx 7150 runs on a cat5 cable. I adjusted the speed on the 1/2/1 to 100Mbps and it began to transmit. It seems the auto setting was not making any difference.

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Valued Contributor

Hi Johan,

It's great to hear you are replacing your legacy equipment with Ruckus ICX 7150 switches!

If you purchased the switches as new then you are elidgible for 90-days of included remote technical support direct with Ruckus, from the date of purchase. 

Please see here for how to contact Ruckus support direct:

Best regards,


Hey Johan, 

It is tough to say with just that information. Is the port actually up? Blocking is our default state even if the port is down at layer one. You can check "show int" to see if the port is actually up. It may also be the case that the port should actually be in blocking state due to the topology. If this is a broader design question, it may be best to engage your Systems Engineer to assist with that. Otherwise you could open a Support Case and our TAC group can attempt to assist. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

@ben_beck_9x9gzf7d7ijfv  yes the port is UP. If I plug the same cable to the old HP switch then port 2/1/33 changes to forwarding on the 6430. What is the recommended config for an uplink port that connects to a root switch? I don't have a support contract for this switch. I'll get some new switches but they're not here yet.


There really isn't anything that is required to get it out of blocking state assuming you have 'span 8' on vlans using 802.1w. The admin-pt2pt-mac that you mentioned is recommended on switch-to-switch links, but not necessary for basic functionality. I would also make sure your vlan tagging matches. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer