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FCX624S web config doesn't show menu, only front panel

New Contributor II
Evening all, I'm hoping you can help me out.  I've spent a good 4 or 5 hours trying to google my way out of this one, but I haven't gotten anywhere.

I have a Brocade FastIron FCX624S I just picked up that is giving me some trouble.  The first order of business was to reset it to factory settings.  From there I was able to get the web-config up and running.  After playing around for a bit I decided to get it up to the latest supported firmware (8.10, coming from 7.x).

Now when I log in to the web-config portal it pushes me right to the front-panel GUI. This guy:  but without the menu on the left.  Clicking on the ports doesn't do anything.  The only button/link I have is the "logout" option, which sends me back to the initial page.

At this point the only thing I have connected is the management port on the back, set up via DHCP.

I'm sure I'm just doing something stupid/missing something easy...  So I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Contributor III
Good Morning:

I have never worked with one of these exact switches, but the firmware you mentioned isn't the latest as far as I can tell.

At any rate, you have an FCX, and I have several 6610's running the FCX firmware builds...

My 6610's are running FCXR08030sa.bin to be precise, and the menu is working fine though I honestly never use it being the CLI generally provides more utility.

I will say that you need a browser that supports HTTP authentication because that is the logon prompt to the realm.  I have no idea why it doesn't work in Chrome for me, but it is fine in Edge.

I hope that helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the input.  I ended up going with 8010, as it was the latest recommended for this particular model.

The only thing I noticed last night, booting into the secondary image (7.x) I was able to get into the menu just fine.  The URL was x.x.x.x\Home.  Booting back into 8.10 the URL was x.x.x.x\frontpanel.htm,  .\Home didn't get me anywhere.

I'll give edge a try, I was getting no love from Chrome or IE

Yeah... They probably haven't updated the recommendation in years.

08.0.30 has been a workhorse.  We have literally have had hundreds of ICX devices running Layer-2 or Layer-3 code.  We have run it in stacking configurations, used premium port licences, and it has proven itself for OSPF and even VRF support.

More energy and effort was placed on developing 08.0.30 and documenting it as far as I can tell.  Personally, if the device supports it, I would just upgrade to 08.0.30sa or wait a week or two for the release of 08.0.30t

New Contributor II
Thanks Wizz!  Your help is appreciated.