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Confusion about UFI

New Contributor

I'm running non-UFi images on my ICX 7150 switches and I see a warning on the SHOW VERSION command which says 

WARNING:  image is not booted from UFI!!! Please download UFI image and reboot the system for full functionality

According to Ruckus, a UFI is:
A unified forwarding image (UFI), consisting of the application image, the boot code image, and the signature file, can be downloaded in a single file. 

My switches have been running stable and I'm not missing any commands or functions I know of (or am I missing boot code and the signature file)? 

My question is: can some explain further what UFI is and what the practical differences are between UFi and non-EFI images? 

Are there good reasons to use UFI images to upgrade firmware moving forward?


Starting with 8080 we introduced UFI images. They include the fastiron OS, boot code, POE firmware, etc. all in one .bin file. In 8080, you can run the old style images or UFI. Starting with 8090, you should run the UFI version. The old style images exist in case you are upgrading from a version that does not recognize UFI images. You should eventually upgrade to UFI. You can simply copy the UFI version (ex. SPS08090gufi.bin) and reboot to the UFI image. The message you are seeing will then go away.
Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

RUCKUS Team Member
Also note that starting FI 08.0.91 and higher, you will have only UFI images. For FI 08.0.80 and 08.0.90 branch you will find both UFI and non-UFI image types.