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Cannot connect Ruckus ICX7750 to Huawei CE6810 via 40G QSFP+

New Contributor
I have an ICX7750-48C copper switch that seems to work just fine on its own. I also have a Huawei CD6810 fiber switch that works beautifully on its own. Each of these switches has QSFP+ 40G ports. I purchases a special QSFP+ 40G DAC that is configured for the CE6810 on one end and the ICX7750 on the other end. The Issue I'm running up against is that the two switches do not see each other. The CE6810 sees the QSFP+ adapter and throws no errors. The ICX7750 also sees the adapter plugged in and does not throw any errors.
Physically on the two switches I see no visible indication that they are attempting to negotiate. What can I do to figure this out?
One more curious thing is that whenever I reboot the ICX7750 all 10G port LEDs light up, and then go off, then only the connected ones come on. This seems normal. None of the 40G port LEDs ever come on. Is this normal?

RUCKUS Team Member

Can you check if the optics used are recognized/supported on the unit ? Following commands can help on ICX side.
show media eth x/y/z
show media validation ethernet x/y/z  ; where x/y/z is unit/module/port number of stack unit.