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Automatically backup config to scp or tftp when "write mem"

New Contributor III
In Cisco, I can do that using these
path scp://root:eve@$h

How to achieve the same in FCX648S ver 8.0.30


New Contributor III
Your example shows a three line script to accomplish what you are asking with Cisco. On the FCX, you could do the same in two lines:

copy running-config scp X.X.X.X 22 backup_filename.txt
write memory

You could also create a command alias to make it easier.

1. I think
copy running-config scp X.X.X.X 22 backup_filename.txt
will only copy once, not every time I do wr me
2. do you think I can alias "wr me" and run
copy running-config scp X.X.X.X 22 backup_filename.txt

New Contributor III

The difference is that the Cisco Archive configuration makes it so that the configuration backup/archive is automatically accomplished when you write the configuration...

That's one of the features I miss.

Esteemed Contributor II
But this was posted as a Question rather than Idea (feature request topic), so/and I can say that Ruckus does not have auto backup by scp/tftp like Cisco IOS (at least today).

If this would be valuable please let your local System Engineer submit an FR on your behalf, with your business case, for our Product Management consideration, thanks.

But, it would have to piggy-back on the FR for the capability to save our configuration in text/CLI format!