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Alert from SZ when managed switchport goes down

New Contributor II
I have a vSZ ( with a few managed switches (7150) and I'm trying to figure out how to get an alert from the vSZ when one of the ports in the switches goes down or comes up.
Is there anybody who have any ideas ??

The switches are accessing the controller by a public IP, and therefor does not have direct access to the controller.
I can get it to work by adding the public IP of the controller to the switches as a Syslog host, but then I have to open for syslog in the firewall etc. moreover a few of the switches are at the other end of the contry, and there is nobody there that can make the change for me.

Valued Contributor II

You can access switch CLI from vSZ and than SSH to your Firewall from there. Also you should have remote access to that Firewall anyway -- remote Firewall without remote access isn't a good idea...