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AP R510 not relaying internet

New Contributor

There was a power surge that created a minor outage. After this point, the internet connection has been subpar at best. The modem is connected to the internet per our provider's information. This is physically connected to the ICX 7150-C12P switch via ethernet cable. This switch is connected to two AP R510 units for the upstairs and downstairs portions of the home. The upstairs portion of the home seems to have little to no issues. I can stream videos and have multiple online meetings running at the same time. There are moments of spottiness, but it seems to resolve itself in a quick manner. However, the downstairs connection is intermittently functioning. I'm unable to load streaming apps on the TV, my computer has issues loading web pages and the connected phones can't seem to load anything. When troubleshooting, it appears the devices can connect to the wireless access point, but there is no internet connection. If I directly connect to the provider modem, all issues disappear. Logically, it seems there is an issue between switch and access point to provide internet connection.

I've attempted to multiple routes to access the admin control for the equipment. This includes PuTTY, serial and USB connections as well as my Macbook Terminal to attempt to reboot the flash on the switch per the instructions provided in various support forms. I couldn't get far as the login information provided wasn't correct for the switch. I'm able to login to the access point with the information provided when I purchased the home, but not the switch. I'm unsure where to go from here.