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ZF 7363 VLAN setup

New Contributor
So I have a ZoneFlex 7363 AP and I am having issues with utilizing VLANs, I can get the untagged to work without issue, but Tagged VLANs I can't seem to get to work. Senerio 2 VLANs an internal VLAN and a public VLAN. I have my internal VLAN configured untagged on the switch port and the public VLAN tagged on the same port with VLAN Tag 124. So i setup Wireless 1 as public and set the Access VLAN to 124, I setup Wireless 2 as internal with Access VLAN 1 (native VLAN). I can connect and receive a DHCP address from my internal VLAN when i Connect to Wireless 2, but when I try to connect to Wireless 2 I can connect but I don't receive a DHCP address from my dhcp server. Now if i were to change the switch port untagged with the public vlan and change Wireless 1 Access VLAN to 1 then I do receive an address from my public DHCP server.
The only way I seem to be able to have my client connect to the public VLAN via Wireless 1 using Access VLAN 124 is if I setup a local subnet and use the local subnet DHCP server and set the Wireless 1 up to NAT and Route.
Yes I have tried changing the ethernet port to Trunk port or General Port, adding the VLAN tag to the members field.
I have several of these access points with an older firmware which I can no longer download that I have been able to make this setup work with no issue.

New Contributor
Nevermind I have this sorted, i didn't have the correct switch port tagged.