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Unable to configure r310

New Contributor II
Hello guys,
I am trying to configure the master r310 for a school im working in,
Manuals are leading me to dead ends...
I have successfully connected to the AP after plugging it in to functional and tested network port,
But i get no ip addess in my smartphone, tried to do it through the unleashed app but it tells me i have to connect to the network,
I have tried reaching it with ip but I can't find any ip other than my manually configured pc in
I dont even see it in arp -a...
I must be doing something really wrong here...

I also took it back to home to try and see if it is the network i was working on and same resaults there...
Plus, i couldn't find any relevant guides online

New Contributor II
It's new, i have unboxed it connected it, and than nothing happend, nowirless network, couldn't find it with ip also,
I than did a factory reset and only then i could see the

Esteemed Contributor II
    Do you have a working LAN network, with a router providing DHCP and def-gw address?If you connect your PC to a switch port, does it get an IP address and Internet access? 

   You do need to have a working LAN with def-gw for your Unleashed network APs to get started.And yes, you need to start on the wireless of the first AP, to configure Unleashedfor other APs to connect to.
   Initial Unleashed setup info is in this KBA-5204.

Hi Michael,
The LAN is working, as i said, i plugged it in a functional and tested port, when i connect a pc to this port i have internet access,
When i connect the ap to the port, and than i connect my smartphone or my laptop to the wirless network, i get no IP address and of course no internet access, from what i understand from the manuals and from your comments, the device is faulty,

Thing is that i testes 2 completely new APs..

No... not necessarily... did you then open your browser to as instructed by the Setup KBA?

But I'm PC centric!  If you prefer, we have an Unleashed Mobile App for setting up new networks (free download):