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Notifications/Logging of client association change on 7731

New Contributor

We have a bridge pair of 7731 APs being monitored by FlexMaster, and would like to get notifications if/when the link between them fails. Currently, in flexmaster I do not see any associated stations on the root, though when I log into the root directly I do. What I would really like is to be able to generate an alert when the number of associated clients changes, or otherwise be able to be alerted when the link between root and bridge goes down.

Thank you!

Marc Creviere, WiSE

Esteemed Contributor II
You might have been the associated client Marc... the 7731s are a point-to-multipoint bridge, that passes data traffic between them, not used as APs for clients to connect to SSIDs being broadcast.

What we may have is SNMP MIBs that can monitor the link state if these are not
alarms currently in FM. MIBs can be downloaded from our Support Portal.