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Help with 7372 access point setup for Mac

New Contributor
Im using a Mac and struggling to follow the setup guide provided for the 7372 access point as it is for windows could some help?

Hi Hadleigh O'Neill,

If i am not wrong , you want to access the AP with Mac. It is simple as windows.

First You need to change the IP address of your Mac .

Select Use the following IP address
• IP address: (or any address in the 192.168.0.x network)
• Subnet mask:
• Default gateway:
Leave the DNS server fields empty.

The AP should be directly connected to your
computer (through the Ethernet port) and powered on, ready for
1 On your computer, open a Web browser window.
2 In the browser, type this URL to connect to the AP:
3 Press to initiate the connection. When a security
alert dialog box appears, click OK/Yes to proceed.
4 When the Ruckus Wireless Admin login page appears, enter
the following:
• Username: super
• Password: sp-admin

Let me know if this helps.


New Contributor II
I've tried this with a new/out of the box 7982 that was given to us a demo device. I have been trying to do set up on a mac. I have followed the above directions in the Network system prefs.

I've gotten all the way past the security flags and I'm at the login page, but on page load it shows "Your session timed out. Please login again." before I've even entered anything. When I do enter the default login/password the page just blinks and shows that same message at the top and nothing is loaded properly - despite multiple tries. It does this in both Safari and Chrome. Is there something I need to enable in my browser to get past this?Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e24795f3d9_1bf42afea4776533ad2c6bf91488eefa_RackMultipart20150407320423euh-7faa7aa4-554c-4ab4-9c8e-e8fd40d31372-554500032.png1428418328Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e24795f3d9_1f32d751f6ae0c2924d72def159997f1_RackMultipart2015040714228wt4u-36e637bd-1b38-486e-bb78-1dda6e39e6db-1235603921.png1428418436

New Contributor II
Hmm...guess this wasn't a new out of the box demo unit, hah

I factory reset it, and it ended up working properly after that...good to know

Good Job Blair , Glad to hear that