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Extend WIFI with Asus RT-N14U and Ruckus 7363

New Contributor II
Hello everyone.

I need your help. Recently I was lucky to get Ruckus 7363 AP. At home I use Asus RT-N14U as the main router. Now I'm planning to strengthen wi-fi coverage and stability with Ruckus AP.
The question is: is there any problems with connecting Asus and Ruckus via LAN-LAN or LAN-WAN? And what connection type would you recommend (LAN-LAN or LAN-WAN)?

Thank you in advance.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Einar,

You can plug your Ruckus 7363 behind RT-N14U LAN port but Asus WiFi router only supports 100/Full speed so you will not be able to utilize 1G port capacity available on Ruckus AP.

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Since Asus router do not supports POE output so you have to power up your Ruckus AP using POE injector or power adapter.

Still you can connect Ruckus AP behind Asus WiFi router on one of the LAN ports and can extend the coverage or you can also choose to disable WiFi on Asus and use Ruckus 7363.

If you are not planning to extend WiFi coverage using Asus+Ruckus AP then I will suggest disabling WiFi on Asus and use if just as a router and let Ruckus AP cover WiFi.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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Thank you for your time and comprehensive reply!
I guess I'll stick with the option "disabling WiFi on Asus and use if just as a router and let Ruckus AP cover WiFi" since I just tried to do so and was extremely excited of Ruckus signal strength.