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Even after manually entering a director IP in the CLI of the ruckus AP, it still does not connect to the zone director.

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I have a ZD3000 model zone director running with an active dhcp server for discovery on the device. However, even when I manually set the proper zone director IP address in the AP's CLI it does not sync up. Running the command: "get director" always returns that the AP is in standalone mode even though it states the primary controller IP correctly. Both the AP and controller are on the same and the AP is getting a DHCP address on the proper vlan as well. How can I force the AP out of standalone mode and connect to the ZoneDirector?

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Need more info.  What kind of DHCP server?  Is there a router acting as the Default gateway for DHCP and the ZD's Configure/System?

All on one flat subnet, same VLAN?

Can you ping the AP from the ZD's Toolbox/Network Connectivity at the top of the WebGUI, and the ZD from the AP's CLI?

After configuring the AP with 'set director ip a.b.c.d', you need to reboot.

If you setup your ZD's Administer/Diagnostics debug logs for Access Points, it will show if you are even seeing the LWAPP discoveries

when the AP reboots.

Do you see any activity logged on the Monitor/Access Points page, Events/Activities from this AP trying to connect?

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Yes everything on the hardware standpoint is on the same vlan, 100. The main dhcp server is the Zd is and the zone director has a dhcp server and on the main server for the 100 vlan it only has available for dhcp. After configuring the AP with the director IP, it was rebooted. The AP does ping in the ZD diagnostics and pulls a dhcp of My first thought was to disable the dhcp from the main server as it keeps reaching to this server. However when I do so the AP never requests a dhcp from the ZD. No activity reported from this AP on the Zonedirector at all.

Also as a note, this exact same configuration worked when configuring a brand new R500, but when trying with the T301S it does not. That is why I thought it had something to do with the Ap not switching out of stand-alone mode.

By default the ZD assumes it's on an untagged VLAN 1. 
If your VLAN 100 is tagged, you would need to update the ZD Configure/System, and Configure/Access Points, Access Point Policies, management VLAN.
If so, we have a KBA article that might help with that: