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Cannot see APs managed by 3025 in FlexMaster.

New Contributor III
I am running FlexMaster I have 2 networks: 1 internal and 1 external. I can see the ZoneDirector of the internal one, as ell as the APs and clients connected to it. However, I cannot see any APs or clients connected to the external network. I see messages in the most recent events. but that's all. What am I missing?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Drew,

Just to be clear, there is just one ZD (in total) residing in your internal network which you can see however its AP's in the external network and its associated client can't be seen. Correct?


New Contributor III
There is the sngle FlexMaster server.
There are 2 ZoneDirectors:
-1 1106 with 1 access point managed by it
-1 3025 with 14 access points managed by it

The 1106 shows fine, as does the AP connected to it.
The 3025 shows up, but doesn't show anything connected to it (APs or clients)
However, in the "Most Recent Events - All Zone Directors) I see join/disconnect/roam messages from that 3025.

Everything is running

Valued Contributor II

Ok thanks for the clarification.

Is FM pingable from external ZD?
make sure that ports in the below URL is open in the firewall/router between FM & external ZD.


New Contributor III
Yes on pingable.
Double-checking ports on firewall group rules on my end.
Everything looks good.

still no reporting of APs and Clients.
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