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New Contributor II
I asked a technician colleague to join the support site (

My new colleague's account is listed as Guest.

My account has the Account Adminstrator privilege,

+ We sent Invite mails to new colleagues through the New User function.

When a colleague who receives invite mail registers an account, registration error is displayed and continuously appears as Guest account.

How can I add my colleague's account to my Account Group?

(If this is not the page where you ask this question, I would be very grateful if you could provide us with the page to check.)

This issue must be resolved because a co-worker must have a case open feature.... Please...
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Valued Contributor
Hi Jong Ha,

The quickest way to fix this is just to go to the chat on and explain ther, they will check your account and correct it then.


Thanks in advance for your reply. 

Have a nice day 

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And need to tell them which of your accounts - Sangsanxxxx or Hana xxxxx.