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configuring ipv6 in unleashed-cli not working

New Contributor III
The cli documentation says that in config-ap mode one can enable ipv6 with 200.7 unleashed firmware. (
I have a R510 ( and ipv6 is no recognized command. According to the cli guide, the command would be
"ipv6 enable mode auto"

Is anyone able to reproduce this?

Esteemed Contributor II
Sorry Beni,

   While many Unleashed commands come from ZoneDirector, not all commands/features from ZD are supported in Unleashed.

For example, from the latest Unleashed 200.7 User Guide:

Unleashed Limitations and Deviations from ZoneDirector

While many ZoneDirector features are included, Unleashed does not provide the entire ZoneDirector feature set.
The following features are either not supported, supported but with limitations, or are currently unsupported but planned for a future release:

• No layer 3 roaming. All APs must be in the same subnet.

• Tunneled WLANs are not supported.

• IPv6 is not supported.

• No interface to communicate with SmartCell Insight, SPoT, or the ZoneDirector Remote Control mobile app.

• No North Bound Interface to pass client authentication responsibility to an external entity.

• No WLAN Groups.

New Contributor
IPv6 is not supported.
That's going to be an increasingly significant limitation.  Is it on the roadmap?

New Contributor III
Dear Michael,

Thanks for your response. My question came up because the command is documented in the current 200.7 CLI reference guide here:

So I have two guesses about this particular command:
- a copy-paste mishap from a ZD documentation
- the implementation of the command is around the corner and documentation overtook the software,

Kind regards

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks, I think you are right!