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ap r500 disconnected status

New Contributor
ZD 1200 controller.  Over 30 AP's connected (r500 and r700).  All working great except for 1 R700 that stays in "disconnected" status.   This AP was working fine, then the cat 6 cable was cut.  We fixed the cable (line checked with device).  Now AP remains in disconnected mode.  I've tried reset button, powering off/on.  It will go into "upgrading firmware" status but then remains disconnected.  Pretty sure all hardware is good.  Just need help getting this AP reconfigured and back up and running.  Thanks for any help.

Contributor III
If you have defaulted the AP, when you browse to it now, what version of code is it running? Also what version of code are you running on your controller.

Esteemed Contributor II
Is there another working AP at this site, and can you swap them to see if it's AP or network related?