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ZoneFlex 2982 home use, connection issues

New Contributor II
I was recently given a 7982 for home use from our schools technical supplier. Upon configuring it for use, I cannot seem to get a device to stay connected to it. I come from the instructional side of technology, and I'm very ignorant when it comes to the technical side. Any insights on how they should be configured?

Firmware version is

I originally thought my cable modem might be the issue, so I went ahead and placed it. However, that seems to be working fine .

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Whe you connect your laptop to modem, you get public ip on your laptop.
if you wanna connect access point to modem you'll need to add local subnet in access point and configure port to work in local subnet nat and route to wan (i am not sure about this config)
If this is confusing you can google it how to set local subnet, vlans and dhcp in ruckus access point ( i am not very skilled in this area).
You can allways use ordinary router (wifi or cable router) to server between modem and ruckus

New Contributor II
Upgraded the firmware for the router in hopes that would fix it, it did not. Current firmware is