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Windows CE devices not getting DHCP

New Contributor
ZD1106 with Firmware 9.5 and ZF7363's. We have a two clients with the same issue, Windows CE handheld devices can connect to the SSID but do not get DHCP. Other client has POS devices running Windows CE and cannot get DHCP as well. Only affects that OS all other devices are fine.

I have configured DHCP relay for the WLAN and tried DHCP option 82 but nothing works.

New Contributor III
Hi David,

I haven't seen one of those devices since the last century! And yes I am old!

My guess is you aren't authenticating which needs to happen before you get a DHCP address. If i remember correctly those devices only utilize WEP. Do you have a WLAN configured for WEP or open authentication?

A quick way to check. Go to the Monitor tab on the ZD and the click on currently active clients on the left side of the page. If you don't have many clients find your client by their MAC address otherwise use the search option on the bottom of the section and add the MAC address as the search item.
In the clients section look to the far right and see what is listed under "status". That will tell you if it has completed the authentication. If it says unauthorized you will never get a DHCP address. If it says authorized that there is no reason it shouldn't attempt to get a DHCP address.

Let me know if this helps. The next step is to find out if the ZD is requesting a DHCP address by checking the syslog. If the ZD is requesting an address then we need to check the DHCP server to see if it see's the request.

Let me know if this helps.

Esteemed Contributor II
Besides the WindowsCE handheld and the POS device, can a WinXP laptop
connect to the SSID and receive a DHCP assigned IP address ok (and show
up as Authenticated on Monitor/Currently Connected Clients)? If so, it would
point to the WinCE and POS device, else it could be an authentication issue.

If the problem is seen with just a couple devices connected, you can rule out
a Ruckus proprietary multicast-unicast conversion done on DHCP to increase
delivery. From an SSH session with your ZoneDirector, in Debug mode, you
can issue this command to all your currently connected APs, and see if this
helps your WinCE and POS devices?

remote_ap_cli -A "set qos directedDHCP disable"