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Email for Case Open ends June 30, 2013

Valued Contributor II
Like most high tech companies, we’ve found that while email is superficially easy to use for opening case, it results in unnecessary delays in case resolution, lower customer satisfaction, and missed expectations.

You can still use email to update cases as before!

For opening cases, you can use any of these 3 easy options
• our web support portal (preferred)
• Online chat (great for quick config or installation help)

If your support contract hasn't yet been set up, you can go ahead and register for a web support login, then register a device still under software warranty and you'll immediately get Premium support access (while the limited SW warranty is valid).

And if you don't have that handy you can still use the web portal to open an RMA case or an Admin case (to straighten out contract or other issues).

Valued Contributor II
I was asked if the "" email address is going away.


We use that same address to process (existing) case updates via email. You may have noticed that funny [ref:mumblemumble] tag in the email alerts coming from our case tracking system. That's what it uses to thread comments back to the original case.

After June 30th, emails that don't have [ref:mumblemumble] in them will bounce with a message highlighting the other ways to open a case. If it's there..they get processed same as always.