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Unable to Access WAN When Connected to 7343 WAP

New Contributor
I'm trying to configure a 7343 WAP as a standalone device to use with PFSense. Currently, I'm unsure how to configure the access point to allow for WAN access. The firewall rules have an explicit pass for all IPV4 running over the WiFi VLAN, but nothing on the interwebs is accessible. This WAP is connected to a port on a HP switch which is tagged for the WiFi VLAN -- the WAP pulls an an address via DHCP so connectivity back to the router is fine. Any assistance for how to configure the AP is appreciated.

Esteemed Contributor II
Have you had a look at our 9.7 Indoor Access Point User Guide?

Setting up a wireless LAN on your standalone AP should be relatively simple.
Login with uid: super, pw:sp-admin, and from Configuration/Radio2.4G, click
Wireless1 tab, and define your SSID name/encryption/etc, and for the Packet
Forward option, use Bridge to WAN.

Clients who connect to your WLAN, will send DHCP requests on your WAN VLAN,
and should get an IP from the server that gave your AP an address.

I hope this is helpful.