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New Web Support Site will launch this weekend!

Valued Contributor II
You can view the new design at in the meantime. There may be periods of brief outages during the cutover and not everyone will see the new site at the same time.  There are still plenty of enhancements and improvements coming even after the update.

This is a new platform that allows us to deliver some awesome new functionality. We're excited and hope you enjoy the changes. Feedback, as always, is appreciated!

Some of the new features include:

  • All-in-one view of all content related to a product - KB articles, documentation, downloads, forums, etc
  • Better account administration including the ability to edit account info, add new users to your company account and more
  • Better features for our partners to collaborate with customers
  • A complete view of your product purchases and warranty registrations including whether support is active, remaining warranty, license counts and more
  • More streamlined case-open
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design - phone/tablet/laptop are all supported.
  • Fewer clicks, faster solutions
  • More complete search, available throughout the site
  • Better navigation (breadcrumbs, menus, cross-links, etc)

Valued Contributor II
A few known issues (release notes for a website? yeah...) we're working on:

  • Guest accounts can't open cases. FIXED - can open RMA/Admin cases

  • Asset CSV Export only exports the current page, not all records

  • Improved forum integration

  • some spelling/grammar issues

  • Some UI improvements - i.e. showing which filter is currently selected

(I'll keep updating this post as these change or more are found)