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Try the *new* Ruckus Support Site (beta)

Valued Contributor II
Hi folks,

We've just launched a beta version of our new support website, and we'd love to get your feedback!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e2135b77e2478c7739_6b098c68a73ddbf57348d305b891367d_support_beta_inline-348956ae-e344-4051-ba8a-a68293cf058c-1042967010.jpg1394665582

and your normal logins will work. The data is all "live" - so if you open a case there, it really get's opened.

This is a near complete re-imagining of the support portal with hundreds of different changes. But at the same time it should feel "familiar" and hopefully you'll find it even easier to use than our current one.

One big change - AP software downloads will no longer be "public" - but all you need is a free account to access them. (we need to keep the feds happy)

We will run in parallel (current site/beta site) for a couple of weeks. Your feedback will help us with the fine-tuning so it's very important!

Valued Contributor
Hi Keith.
You did say "fine tuning" so be prepared!

1. On screenshot Forum/Forums be consistent one or other. Also does it need to be there in 3 places?

2. Typeface shows as light orange, nasty, not as clear as previous blue. More I look at orange more it just doesn't work. Out of place, hard to read and looks rather quaint/archaic. Archaic on the web being last week.

3. Forum link shows this page, choose a discussion takes you to another (better) page of discussions...seems a bit redundant. Forum link should go to forum proper not a reduced set of latest posts that don't go to individual discussions.
Apologies for convolutions!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e24796097e_3d737210237287f7523c0e87ca7465a7_betaforumlink2_inline-f8e7cdb3-dcde-4903-9b23-fa8cdca26dc2-995815182.jpg1394708264

Previous blue type:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e24796097e_e80df7542aa560ec47727fc0a0587f18_betaforumproper_inline-247992a7-15e4-4dbd-ae53-59e250320a97-1069649818.jpg1394706529

Valued Contributor

from beta site "announcements and forum discussions" goes to right place.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e247960c30_9e71e8752819d76856dad91f94b1d9df_betaannouncements_inline-525fe1c6-2299-4056-bb2d-52d91dafa25e-649660103.jpg1394707966

The place being:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e247960c30_0ecf3394c6d40fcf6a6f51dfde9dc3b5_betadiscussionlink_inline-745ec03f-3f4f-446a-a8e2-e65e45006b42-1785219147.jpg1394708598

Am I confusing you yet?

Valued Contributor II
Thx Max! That's one of the areas we're still fine tuning, Our host for the forums has a new version (it's the one you see on mobile devices) and so we're working to better integrate that. Maybe I need to throw one of these up in that section:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c419135b77e2479625c8_05e6d8fafa39fd87065e07a0242e00dc_menatworkactualimage_inline-01c103f7-9519-48ec-b250-80353dfbd724-1131536938.png1394724013

Valued Contributor II
One important new feature I forgot to mention. Try it on your phone...