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The secret to getting good answers..

Valued Contributor II
First of all, a big Thank You! to everyone participating here. This new community is about 6 months old now, and we've got over 900 customers and partners participating and several dozen Ruckus employees as well. The quality of the interactions has been really great and I've been impressed with the variety of issues that have come up. We use this forum to help guide our product strategy as well as documentation and knowledge base development so this is a great way to help us build a better product experience.

Back to the title of this post - inspired by a recent data mining discovery: Want a Good Answer? Ask a Good Question First!

Here's a few tips that will help you get the most out of this service:

1) When posting a new question, provide as much detail as possible. This usually includes the version of ZoneFlex you are running, specific Ruckus product (e.g. ZF7352), any recent changes, and as much detail about client or other devices in the mix as possible.

2) If you have a new question, start a new thread. If you "pile on" to an existing thread, we might miss your new question. It's better that we get new, albeit related, issues in new threads. This also helps avoid situations where different issues have the same symptom.

3) When checking in on an older thread, post your comment to the main (top) question rather than as an embedded comment. It's pretty hard to find embedded comments in a thread.

Thanks again, and all of us here at Ruckus wish you a very happy New Year!!