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Port definition of Ruckus ICX7150 C12P 2XIG

New Contributor

Hello Tech,

Can someone please explain LAN, WAN & other port for ICX7150 C12P model. I am not able to access the admin console & need help on this.


New Contributor II

Working from the left of the switch, from the front, is first an old school console port using RS232. Easiest way to use that port to connect to the switch and define the switch IP address and a management IP address. The next port over, the one above the USB port, is the management port, 100 Mbps and only for management. You can use that to SSH to the device using the management IP address defined when connected to the console port. The next set of ports (1/1/1 through 1/1/12, 10/100/1000) are PoE ports that can be used however you want but I generally reserve those for devices accessing the network. The next set of ports (the two RJ45 ports stacked up, 1/2/1 -1/2/2, 10/100/1000) are non-PoE ports. For me, I use those as my WAN/uplink ports when fiber isn't an option since they can't deliver PoE. The last set of ports (the SFP cages, 1G/10G) are used for WAN/uplink when fiber is an option.

Also, once an IP address is assigned to the switch (not the management interface, the IP address that will be used once the switch is deployed to access it remotely) that IP address can be reached from any port. Further configuration usually is best to restrict that access, but for initial set up, it can be reached from any of the ports.