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P300 - Wireless Bridge VPN ACCESS.

New Contributor


I hope someone can help.  I have a working set of Ruckus P300’s on a project. They work fine and I get a good speed across the wireless bridge, will all my VLAN’s  reaching across to the remote switch and other devices.

However when I VPN into the project (OVPN) I cannot access the P300 set-up web interface,  I cannot ping them either. However I can still see the equipment on the remote (Non-Root) side so they are still working fine, with no complaints.

However when I am physically within the LAN network I can see both P300 web interface pages, but not via VPN, is there something I am missing?  I know it must be something silly,

I’ve reviewed the P300 management pages, but no settings seem obvious to the problem. It would be useful to access the web pages via VPN for remote support and adaption.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Richard,

Mostly a network issue.

It depends upon your VPN path and VPN termination points.

Could you share a simple topology diagram including P300 pair, IP network, SW, VPN end points?

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI