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Multiple WLANs with different authentication methods

New Contributor
We currently have an administrative WLAN using Zero-IT Activation and a student network with everyone using a shared password.

We'd like to move to having the student network authenticate against Active Directory but I'm having trouble setting that up.

Is there a way to have one network use the local db and another use AD?

Under Confiigure->Settings, Zero-IT Activation is set to use the local database.
The administrative network is set touse Zero-IT/DPSK.

I've set up a test WLAN and can authenticate against AD if I choose Open for Authentication Method and None for Encryption but I can't have passwords flying back and forth unencrypted.

If I choose Guest Access for the type of WLAN I can't seem to get it to get it to authenticate against AD. I can only get it to work with Zero-IT which is using the local db.

Any help would be much appreciated.